Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy


Remove all the non-essentials from the kitchen of your home

You know what we are talking about. Cut out all of the cookies, candies, sweets and sodas from the kitchen and when you go shopping next, make sure to avoid those items. If you live with people who are unable to remove temptations from their lives, move onto tip number 2. Read more »

Tips For Preventing Late-Night Snacking

Dinner has long been over and you’re sitting on the couch, relaxing in front of your favorite TV show when it hits you — that craving for something to snack. While eating late at night doesn’t trigger weight gain, it can if you overdo it and inhale huge portions. Follow these tips if you want to eat a little something at night without expanding your waistline.


Save some for later

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10 foods for a flat belly


Here is a list of the top 10 foods that will get you a tummy to be proud of![no_toc]


Baby spinach


Replace the iceberg lettuce in your sandwich with baby spinach- its low in kilojoules and rich in vitamins A and C, folate and iron. It’s great with pasta, quiches, juices and salads.

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Reasons to Cancel Your Gym Membership


The gym used to be the premier location for fitness. It’s where people go to lift, sweat, burn, blast, tone, strengthen and build their bodies. The gym has it all, but you don’t use it all. Maybe you don’t have the time, or you only want to focus on specific things. Reality is that the gym is optional, and it might be time to move on! Read more »

Exposing the Top 10 Fitness Myths

With so many people offering advice on weight loss, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. All too often you’ve overheard a hardworking gym-goer sharing a well-meaning but ill-informed tip with another exerciser or even yourself. And
you’re not the only one who’s heard fitness folklore being swapped on the training room floor. In this article, trainers share the common fitness myths they hear from their clients. From the pseudo miracles of the “fat-burning” zone to the misguided magic of working out on an empty stomach. Here are the fitness falsehoods you should never follow:

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5 Tips to Build Big Arms



Ashley Hoffmann has one of the best physiques in the biz. Here are 5 of her favorite arm-building tips you can use in your workouts or in Ashley’s own arms blitz! Read more »

How to start exercising again


If you’re sitting there feeling lethargic and assessing your growing waistline, your thoughts may be turning to actually doing something about it. However, it may be that you’ve not been to a gym in quite a while, or worse still, you may be paying for your gym or health club membership but not even using it.

So, if you want to get motivated and start going to the gym again, check out our 10 ways to shake yourself out of your inactivity and begin going to the gym on a regular basis.

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5 Elements of a Perfect Workout

Whether you’re a novice taking the first steps toward fitness or an exercise fanatic hoping to optimize your results, a well-rounded fitness training program is essential. Include these five elements to create a balanced routine.

1) Aerobic fitness

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13 Fitness Hacks That Can Simplify Your Workouts

How many times have you had your mind set on exercising, but talked yourself out of it? It’s easy to justify skipping daily exercise when you are busy, tired or sore. But unless you work out consistently, you won’t get great results. Here are some fitness hacks to simplify your workouts and make exercise plans stick.


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5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly

Sometimes the hardest part of working out is getting started. I know that we have all had days where you are tired or have a lot going on and the last thing that you want to do is squeeze in a workout.




Well, here are 5 tips that will hopefully motivate you to get your workout on!

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