10 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

7) Eagle Pose

This is a very good weight loss option for those who dream of thinner legs, thighs, arms and hands. Stand on the floor in straight position, hands besides the body. Lift your left leg up, fold it from the knee and wrap it around the right leg. Lift your hands up, bring them in front of the chest and wrap the left hand around the right hand. Look straight. Relax


8) Pigeon Pose

Mayurasana is a good option for shedding extra fats saturated in stomach region. Kneel down on the floor and sit on your heels. Keep your hands on the floor, fingers towards your body, thumb pointing outwards and palms pressed against the ground. Place elbows in such a way that they are pressed against your belly. Straighten your legs from behind and stretch them. Lift your body up, on your hands and legs. Your body and legs should be parallel to the floor. Relax

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