Extreme hair growth DIY mask. Results within 7 days. Must try

If you’ve been trying to grow your hair for a while now, and it seems as though, nothing’s working or it’s taking forever, follow these simple steps to grown long healthier hair fast. I’ve finally figured out a hair growth mask recipe that actually made a difference to the way my hair feel and look. This DIY hair growth mask recipe, will surely change your life for good.. Doing this once a week is a a great way to keep your hair in optimal health, and with only just 4 ingredients…it doesn’t get any better than that.

Eggs and aloe vera is great if you really want to grow long, healthier hair. These two ingredients are packed full of vitamins, amino acids, glucommas and more. Eggs have two important nutrient that is vital for hair Growth. Protein and sulphur. Since our hair is made up of proteins, it makes a lot of sense to use egg on our hair. This will strengthen hair follicle and prevent hair breakage, which is how you retain length, leading to long healthy hair.

I recommend adding Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This oil has been used for many years and has proven beneficial in growing long healthy hair fast. IT provides natural care for beautiful hair. It Combines the goodness of castor oil with a blend of vegetable and mineral oils to promote long, healthy hair. Regular application can assist in reducing split ends and minor hair loss and extreme hair growth.

The first time I used this oil I notice growth in a matter of a week. By adding the oil to the mask and also using it on my scalp and hair strands, this is what really speed up my hair growth. If you really want to grow long hair and I mean inches in weeks, castor oil will work well, not matter your hair type. It’s the best product I’ve tried this far. It’s definitely an holy grail product.

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