Four Different Types Of At Home Workouts

Combination Workouts


Compound exercise or combination workouts deliver the benefits of all the various types of exercise in one workout. By doing interval training (sprints) along with weight training and core training, and a quick circuit of cardiovascular exercise, you gain optimal results. For example, try a combination of resistance exercises at a fast pace, and then change activities every 5 minutes, for a 40-minute workout that never leaves you bored. Try a combination of jumping rope, sprints, lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, and weight lifting. You may need to take a rest day the day after a workout like this, but it’s worth it.


Flexibility Workouts


By improving your flexibility, you not only burn calories but you’ll also enjoy a boost in strength and an increased heart rate. Try an intense Yoga Workout to burn calories, and restore your body and mind while you workout. Ever heard of Hot Yoga? This form of yoga is practiced in temperatures somewhere between 85° to 125° Fahrenheit. The combination of heat, and Yoga provides detoxification benefits and improves strength while supporting weight loss at the same time.

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